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Locals Hit up Local Hot Spot

by Cassie Hayden

The other day a few of the local kids and I decided to head over to a local spot that has an awesome little creek line. We spent a few hours there just laying around on the warm rock and filming the run. After this we drove five minutes away to another great drop which we messed around at there for a few more hours then went home for the day. A week or two later I got a chance to film another one of the local drops and then got some play time down at t-ville. The really cool thing about all these local drops I’ve mentioned is that they have great/fun creek lines but the really awesome part is that they run all summer, so while other people in New England have to wait for spring people around Zoar Outdoor get a chance to practice their creek skills all summer. I hope you guys like the Video.

Paddle Hard,


Video’s: http://broadbandsports.com/node/8712


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