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by Katelyn Green


Learning a more advanced freestyle move like the loop has made me realize how true the statement “Practice makes perfect” really is. In the process of learning the loop I have broken a boat, and probably nearly my ankles as I repetitively slammed my bow down and hoped for some magic to flip my boat around.

I’m not the type of person that things come easily to. My kayak roll took me several months to master and that was only after hours of practice in the lake and in the pool. I wasn’t able to avoid this when it came to the loop, either. I have flopped on my face and hit rocks more times than I can count but I can finally say that I have achieved what I have been trying to achieve for several summers.

If you’re a little stuck with your own kayak roll or making the ferry you want to make, or anything, even outside of paddling, all I have to say is practice makes perfect. Even if it feels like you need more practice than you ever thought one would need.

The video I've included is just a tribute to all the practice that I've put into reaching this long desired goal!

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