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Life As A Seasonal Employee

by Cassie Hayden

2010 was a fun year to be a kayaker with Zoar. We had a great time at our Whitewater Symposium back in the fall and at Demofest last June, partnering with a significant number of manufacturer representatives and professionals in the industry. People tried our free mini-clinics and demo’d new boats, and we hosted a well-attended “Smart Start” program to introduce people to paddlesports fun and safety through our sit-on-top kayaks.

This winter, we’ve had a lot of fun with our pool rolling clinics. Paddlers came out to develop or fine-tune their roll in the warm indoor waters while waiting for the paddling season to come. Once the weather gets warmer, we’ll be doingrolling clinics outside in the beautiful sunshine that we’re sure is just around the corner! Take a look at a video interview with some recent participants in a pool rolling clinic.

What's new for this year? A fun addition to our kayaking program is the new Stand-Up Paddleboard, something we’re just starting to test. Last fall, our staff went down to the Bridge of Flowers to try them out and had around thirty people come to see what the fuss was all about. We’re exploring the possibility of doing rentals and instruction with these boards this year, so if you want to try something new on the river, look for some intro-to-Stand-Up-Paddleboard clinics in the coming season.

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