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Lachine Update

by Cassie Hayden

Lachine Update
Our day of Heaven with a little bit of hell

Wednesday Brian Boyle drove up from the eastern side of MA because the next morning we would make the drive up to Canada and the Lachine Rapids for some freestyle kayaking. The trip to Lachine takes four and a half ours. With Brian’s Chevy Suburban at our disposal we began and had a pretty quick trip until customs at the border. What I forgot and Brian didn’t know was that he needed a letter of approval from his parents for him to be able to cross the border with me into Canada. After a few awkward questions in which we could tell the customs agent was deciding whether or not to let us through he decided that he didn’t care that much and without any more questions waved us by.
Montreal is pretty confusing especially for a country boy like me but once we got into the city we just aimed for the river until we hit the Lachine parking lot. We got, suited up and headed out for an 8-hour session. The Lachine waves are incredible and most definitely some of the best surfing waves on the planet but the thing that makes them contemplatable (I think I made this word up) is the hike back up to them. For me the rides out weigh the hike back up but with that said it does take a whole bunch of effort to get back up to the eddy. This results in taking a break about every three rides. This break just gives us the opportunity to shoot some photo and video so it kind of works out. After some incredible rides were seen and had we headed back to shore hungry and satisfied. Once back at the car we got on some dry clothing and headed off to a Tim Hortons for some doughnuts, which we needed. While we were sitting there eating I had a flash back and remembered that Brian had not put his paddle in the car and I had not put my gear bag in. We raced back to the Lachine parking lot and to our dismay they were gone. So it looks like out two day trip has been shortened for lack of gear. Brian no paddle and for me, well I lost every single piece of paddling gear that I own. Super bummer. Now its time to go back home and work my but off and get some new gear. Hope everyone is getting some great paddling in this summer. Don’t forget your gear at the take out!

Paddle Hard,


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