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It’s the sit on top time of year again!

It’s the sit on top time of year again!

by Blair Winans

It’s the sit on top time of year again!

It is a hot summer afternoon.   I can’t think of any other place I want to be than on the water.  Our sit on top program has given me a chance to spend lots of hot summer afternoons on or in the water.  

When I first started working at Zoar I was in charge of running the program.  Sit-on-top kayaking is a wonderful way to experience an afternoon on the water.  We run a self-guided trip that allows you to get a feeling of being out by yourself kayaking on the river, with the benefit of up-to-date equipment, a snack delivered to you by the side of the river, and a shuttle provided by Zoar Outdoor.  Sit-on-top kayaks are different from traditional kayaks in that they can’t trap you inside and they don’t require any experience.  As the name suggests the kayaks are designed to sit on top of, thus you don’t need to know how to roll.  And if you don’t want to go alone, you can join a friend on a double kayak. 

Our trip meets at 1:45 pm at our base in Charlemont, MA.  After registration we show you an instructional video.  After you get changed for the river we give you the equipment for your day’s adventure and then head up the put-in.  You enter the river from the shore like a seal sliding in off an ice shelf.  If you can’t picture it, trust me – it’s one of the highlights of the trip.  After kayaking for about an hour and half you check in for a snack of G.O.R.P.   You can take out at snack and head home, or have the choice to continue on to the end.  One of the greatest parts of this program is the ability to find your way through class I and II rapids from your own boat – no need for a guide .  At the end of your day we shuttle you back to Zoar Outdoor, where you unpack and change into dry clothes. 

Come out and visit us for an afternoon trip, and power your own adventure.

Patrick Banks    

Assistant Rafting Manager

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