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Five Glorious Reasons to Adventure with Dad

Five Glorious Reasons to Adventure with Dad

If the fact that your Dad is your Dad isn’t enough of a reason to celebrate Father’s Day, we thought of a few more reasons to give your Pops a gift he won’t forget this year! We don’t just give a card and call it a day for our Fathers, we go all out, we give him adventure and we give him a noggin full of awesome memories he won’t soon forget.

Here are five glorious reasons to go adventuring with Dad:


1.An experience is way cooler than a tie! He can’t hide a whitewater rafting trip at the bottom of his underwear drawer. Just think of all the laughs and stories you’ll have for awkward family reunions and get-togethers for years to come…”Hey! Guess what I made Dad do this one time??”..it doesn’t get old.


2.It’s sure to surprise him! Try guessing that you’re going on a guided kayak adventure through class II rapids on the Deerfield River….it’s pretty hard if you’re expecting a day full of Father’s Day cards and maybe some cake.


3.It gives Dad the QT (if you don’t know what QT is, you need to spend more quality time with your family to figure it out), that he craves! Zip lining through tree tops will bring you so much closer together!....Literally. The platforms are only so big and your safety tethers are only so long.


4.It’s FUN! Stop saying “let’s do something fun” and actually do it! Get the family, or just your Dad, outside and enjoy each other’s company.


5.DISCOUNTS! Special days = special discounts! Dad gets to take on our Zip Line Canopy Tour, Guided Kayaking Tour or Zoar Gap Rafting Trip for FREE with 2 paying guests. It’s pretty great! ...we know.


So there you have it, our five glorious reasons to treat Dad to an adventure this Father’s Day. Show the love and spend a day getting outside and creating memories together. It’s something you’ll look back on years from now and still smile about.

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