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Dress for Success: Spring Rafting

Spring is here, and the temperature feels like summer will be here in a heartbeat. But while we wait for temperatures to reach the 80s, there could still be some cool weather ahead. Don’t let that deter you from going out to enjoy the spring sun, though! Just pull these items out of your closet, grab some of our gear, and you’ll be ready to go.


We’ll Provide: A wetsuit, splash jacket and river booties.

This combo of gear is provided for all early season rafting trips up until May 15th at no extra charge, and can be rented for the day any day after that for the rest of the season.

Our wetsuits provide 3mm of neoprene to encase you in a little bubble of warmth. With long pants and no sleeves, these Farmer John style suits keep you comfortable without limiting your mobility. On top of that, layer a splash jacket to keep the splash from the rapids off your torso. WIth an adjustable waist, wrist gaskets, and neck gasket, you can choose to keep your splash jacket loose and airy or snug it up. Lastly, our neoprene river booties will do for your feet what your wetsuit does for your body - they won’t keep the water out, but they’ll keep your heat in!


You’ll Bring: Wool and synthetics.

Alright, time to do a little digging through your closet. Find that ugly wool sweater that you never wear - you’ve got an occasion to bring it out! Just make sure it truly is a wool sweater, and avoid any that list cotton as their material. While we’re talking of wool, dig through your sock drawer and find those comfy wool socks, too. They can go under your river booties for an added layer of warmth. And don’t worry, matching socks are not required here.

No wool? Fleece and synthetics also work great on the water. Bring out your favorite comfy fleece sweater, or soft fleece socks for a similar effect to that of wool. You can also layer up with synthetic clothing, like sports gear. A lot of winter underlayers or athletic gear are made of synthetic materials that will help wick moisture away, dry quickly, and keep you warm.


One Thing to Avoid: Cotton

As you can see, there are a lot of different options for layering up in the spring, and combined you’ll have a perfect cold weather outfit. But there is one big thing that you’ll want to avoid completely: cotton. Unlike the other materials we’ve covered, cotton retains moisture and will only serve to keep you cold. Unfortunately, a lot of clothing is made primarily of cotton. So make sure you check your tags when you’re picking out your water gear. For the hot summer months when it’s 90 degrees out and sunny it’s not as much of a concern, but for the colder weather, you’ll want to save the cotton t-shirt and jeans for your post-rafting outfit!

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