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by Karen Blom


Charlemont, MA - Zoar Outdoor has added 2 new zip lines this season to it's popular canopy tour.  In its second year of operation, Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours was a huge success in 2009. The addition of 2 new zip lines will provide something new for returning guests. One zip travels out to a westerly view high up in an oak tree. Then you traverse back east to a ground landing where you slow yourself down to a jog along a trail.

The season opened in early April with a gorgeous day in the trees. "This early spring with warm weather and rain has brought out the tree buds weeks earlier than last year.  When you zip through the trees you are seeing the emerging canopy as it develops according to the weather", states Kevin McMillan, Director of Guided Programs.

The early heavy rains and snow melt have brought up local rivers and Zoar Outdoor is running whitewater rafting trips on the Deerfield River and Concord River in Lowell.  "Again, the unseasonably warm weather has made staff training and guest experiences on the river a pleasure this spring", comments McMillan

Zoar Outdoor has been offering family-friendly outdoor adventures along the Deerfield River in the culturally-rich Berkshire Hills of western, Massachusetts since 1989. Family owned, the company offers a wide variety of human-powered adventures for all ages from April through October. Zoar has a reputation for excellent customer service, environmental concern and developing a community around people who like to play outdoors.


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