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by Cassie Hayden

I love it here. The people are nice, the food is good ( if you know what to eat), and the rivers are HUGE. I am still traveling with the New River Academy and kayaking on the Mekong, Salween and we are about to hit up the great bend of the Yangtze. The Mekong was huge for the first day. We had some super big rapids and some huge waves without eddy service. Since we were located on the border of Tibet we found the culture to be totally different from the Chinese culture we had experienced previously. The people are always smiling and there are prayer flags everywhere.

The next river was the Salween. The Salween is much farther south and therefore much warmer. The Rapids on this river were huge as well but also friendly for something this big. The real highlight of the trip so far were the surfing waves on the Salween. They are gigantic. 15 feet tall and both had eddy service. They offered up some huge air, I fell in love.

Now I am Back in Lijiang where we base all our trips out of. We are about to head up to the great bend of the Yangtze. I don’t have very much time left so I better go but I hope everyone is well and having fun.

Paddle Hard,


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