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Buzz From the Deerfield Valley Canopy Tours

by Cassie Hayden

Before we put the zip lines to bed this winter, we had work to do. As any of our zip guests know, we use a double cable system for an added measure of safety. The cable we use, which is standard for this industry, is ⅜” diameter wire rope. Each wire rope is made up of 7 main ropes of 19 strands each. When an inspection revealed that a few of those 19 strands in one of those 7 ropes had begun to fray, we decided to replace all the cables in order to stay on the conservative side. With shiny new cables, we’re ready to start the season. Our first trips run April 1st (no fooling)!

We’re also training new canopy tour guides to join our team. The new guides will be out “learning the ropes” this April. Along with practicing their own zipping and braking skils, they’ll be tying knots, rappelling, enacting lightning drills, and clipping many, many carabineers. If you see them out and about on the course, wave hello!

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