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Back on the Right Coast

by Cassie Hayden

Hi everybody. This is Mike, I’m back from snowboarding this winter in northern Cali. I had a blast and was happy to be able to ride again after knee surgery. Especially where and what I rode. I worked at a great mountain called Alpine Meadows. The staff was small and very friendly and everyone had a great work ethic. The idea was to work hard so that you could play hard. It reminded me very much of Zoar Outdoor. The terrain was wonderful with open bowls, cliffs and chutes in every direction you looked. It was also located in the national forest so hiking out of bounds was allowed when it was safe enough to do so. Being a boater and riding that terrain enabled me to draw the many parallels between the two sports. Every time I rode off of a drop or down a chute, I imagined myself doing the same things and feeling the same movements while paddling. I found the same similarities while riding in the park. I didn’t get to paddle this winter and would have liked to. But even though I didn’t, snowboarding worked out to be a suitable cross trainer and helped me to visualize what I would like to accomplish this season on the water.

And now I’m stoked on paddling, especially because of all the snow Vermont just recently got. The West Branch of the Deerfield, one of my all time favorites, will be on quite a bit this spring. I’m also hoping to paddle Pelham and Dunbar Brooks whenever they are up and clear. I’ve been out just a few times already, paddling Bulls Bridge, the Millers and the Ashuelot. But i’m planning to frequent all the usual spring fun areas, like T-ville, Waveosaurus, and anything creeky. So look for me and the rest of the team out on the water. And pray for rain and warm weather. TTFN.


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