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Another Great Day at the Pemi Park and Play

With the Pemi at the perfect level, and the weather being a little too hot to not be in the water, it was an easy decision to head over to the Pemi Park and Play for a little low water fun.  I had been out surfing in the ocean all morning so I didn’t make it to the Pemi until mid afternoon.  There were a few people there surfing the hole and a few more chilling on the rocks taking a break and enjoying the sun.  This was my first day out playboating this year so I mostly focused on relearning the hole and finding my rhythm.  I love the social aspect of playboating (as long as the eddy lines don’t get too long…).  It is always fun to meet new paddlers at spots like this.  The open and supportive community found in paddling is always great.  I had a great time and really enjoyed getting some time in my boat.  I’ll definitely be making some more trips back to the Pemi in the near future.

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