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A Kayak for My Cousin's 6th Birthday

Every summer my family spends a week camping in Vermont.  I always try to make it up for a few days to see everyone and have some fun fishing, swimming, sailing, supping and kayaking.  While not a whitewater destination, there is a lot of fun paddling on the lake.  I spend a lot of time paddling around on the sups.  It was fun going for long evening paddles and seeing the many loons living on the lake.  While we were camping on the lake, my cousin celebrated her 6th birthday.  Her parents got her a kayak for her birthday and she was really excited to use it.  After putting on our PFDs and getting the boats down to the water, we hopped in and started paddling.  She picked it up really quickly with a few tips here and there.  It was really fun watching her learn and gain confidence.  After figuring out the basics, she had her younger sister sit on the back of her boat and they went for a ride.  Then we went for a paddle to explore the lake a bit.  She didn’t was excited to be in her own kayak and just wanted to keep going.  It was a really fun day and I’m looking forward to getting back out on the water with her again!

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