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2009 Training

New Guide Training 2009

by Brian Pytko

Zoar Gap Training

2009 Training

New raft guide training is in full swing. Usually that is an exercise in human endurance, a cold challenge, which can throw one’s sanity in question. There is a good reason we don’t run raft trips in winter. But this year has been unusually pleasant, sunny skies and temperatures in the 40’s and 50’s.

Unseasonably warm weather and cooperative water have really aided the development of our trainee’s and early returns indicate that the class of 2009 will be a strong one. It’s a class of 15, comprised of college students, an experienced guide from Chile, west coast transplants, Iraqi War vets, and we even have a new hire that grew up next to the Dryway put-in in Monroe Bridge. We are looking forward to blending our new hires with their diverse life experience into the Zoar community.

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