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2008 Paddling School Reunion a great success!

On the weekend of Oct 4 - 5 over 40 paddlers arrived at Zoar for the 5th Annual Paddling School Reunion.ThePaddling School Reunion started in 2004, the year after we hosted the first Whitewater Symposium, (www.wwsymposium.com). The Whitewater Symposium brought people together from all over thepaddling industry to share ideas andpaddle together. The symposium was so much fun we decided todo something similar for thealumni of our paddlingschool. The reunion weekend is a great way toconnect with other boaters,get instruction and have a final paddle together before the end of the season. Every year the reunion gets better and some students come back every year.

Instructor Hillary Friedman just finishing a river run with some awesome women paddlers, April, Tammy [&] Ursala!

Instructor Jim Sullivan highlights the importance of theproper use ofriver rescue equipment.

Instructor Chris Snowdon helps studentsfine tune their roll by going back to the basics. Chris isemphasising the importance of the lower body (driving knee/hip snap)while rolling.

One of the most popular sessions is the open paddling with the Zoar instructors. Having fun and making connections!

“Make your eddy turns look easy” by using speed, angle management, vision and edge control.

Instructors Heather Young [&] Jim Sullivan work with alumni to “Perfect your stroke timing”.

Instructor Rachel DeMaine’s “hula dance” is well known to help the”Well-balanced paddler”.

Alumni got a chance to work on their technical skills in theZoar gap, a local class III rapid. Some got the chance to take the course”1st timers in the Gap” and others worked on “paddling the Gap with Control [&] Finesse”. Lots of great fun had by all!

Saturday evening, our cook, Joel put on a great meal that would satisfied any hungry padder. We watched a slide show of the days photosand other paddling DVD’s while we chated about the season and future paddling adventures.

Sunday’s weather was warmerand thepaddlers were eager to be out on the river again.We paddled hard and by Sunday afternoon everyone was tired and satisified.

Thanks to everyone who came to the reunion and I look forward to seeing you all in 2009! For more information on the reunioncheck out http://www.kayaklesson.com/reunion.htm

See you on the river! Janet Burnett Cowie, Director of Instruction Programs

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