Paddling the Fife and a Visit from Tyler

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The community at Zoar has always been one of my favorite parts of working there.  While Zoar staff members often move on and take jobs in other parts of the country, it is always great to reconnect when they come back to visit.  After finding out that Tyler, a long time raft guide and instructor, would be back in the area for a weekend I made plans to head out to the Deerfield to catch up and do some paddling. 

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T-Crown Blog

posted on by Katelyn Green

I could've chosen to focus on the details and the soreness that I'm feeling after the race. But I think it's more important to show people that women have just as much ability to tackle the river as men do. And although there's not as many of us, we still make the same impact.

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Tuckerman Inferno

posted on by Elaine Campbell

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