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By Bruce Lessels

Printing less makes good sense for our business and for the environment

Charlemont, MA-  Zoar Outdoor has made the decision to no longer print its annual multi-page, 4-color catalog which they mail out to over 25,000 clients annually.  This was an environmental, as well as a financial decision. Due to the majority of news being sent electronically through the internet, the use of print materials has declined enormously.

“We’re not printing a 16-page catalog this year for a number of reasons which boil down to improving the delivery of our message and saving resources”, explains Bruce Lessels, President.

The beauty of the web is that you can get your message out continually and change it as needed.  In addition, the web allows content to be interactive with video clips and forums with Facebook and YouTube. Prospective guests can get a much better idea of who we are and what we do before deciding to join us for an outdoor adventure. 

Finally, it takes about 65 trees to print a 16-page catalog and Zoar places a high value on trees as a business whose product is the outdoors.  Zoar will be printing a few smaller pieces and referring the public to their websites:,, and their Facebook pages to get the latest information on our programs. 

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Zoar Outdoor has been offering family-friendly outdoor adventures along the Deerfield River in the culturally-rich Berkshire Hills of western, Massachusetts since 1989. Owned and operated by the husband and wife team of Bruce Lessels and Karen Blom, the company offers a wide variety of human-powered adventures for all ages from April through October. Zoar has a reputation for excellent customer service, environmental concern and developing a community around people who like to play outdoors.


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