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Whatever Floats Your Boat

By Jim Sullivan

Float Bags

If you’ve ever taken a look in the back of your boat, you may have noticed that there’s either a whole bunch of empty space, or two blown up airbags filling that space behind you. Airbags are an essential piece of paddling gear for protecting your boat and making rescues easier and safer.

Float bags are exactly what they sound like: stern-sized air bags that take up space in your boat so that it floats higher in the water. Think of them like a PFD for your boat. This is incredibly useful for rescue situations, whether your friend is pushing your boat to shore with the front of their boat, or you’re swimming to shore with boat in hand. By not allowing water to fill up the second half of your boat, float bags can even prevent your boat from getting pinned. And everyone likes an easy rescue.

We carry NRS float bags for kayaks and for canoes in the Outfitters Shop. For kayakers, NRS has Rodeo and Standard sized float bags – Rodeo tends to fit smaller boats, and the Standard bags would be for river runners. We also carry some float bags specific to Jackson boats, but keep in mind that these are mostly for outfitting and making you more comfortable in the boat.

As always, if you have any questions about sizing or outfitting, just give us a call at 1-800-532-7483 or stop by the shop and we’d be happy to help.


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