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What to Wear While Zipping Through the Tree Tops

By Office Staff

Wait five minutes and the weather will change is New England’s weather motto. Keep in this mindset when planning ahead as for what to wear while adventuring as it will make all the difference with your fun level! Check out what we have to say about what to wear with the changing seasons and weather of New England.

Rain: Summer rain is much different than early spring or late fall rain so dress for the differences using the helpful tips below! It will mean the difference between having fun and being wet and cold. Wear a rain jacket or coat with various layers underneath. The rain jacket on top of removable layers lets you adjust for a warm day or a cold one. Rain pants are great as well, although, not many people own a pair so materials, like synthetic, that dry quickly and absorb small amounts of water are good to wear out in the rain as well. As for shoes, waterproof boots or hiking shoes are the best. These will keep your feet warm and dry. Pairing these with wool socks will make your feet even happier.

Hot Weather: Shorts and T-Shirts are fine to wear out on the course. Shorts that aren’t too short are highly recommended as harness against skin doesn’t feel too great. Again, synthetic materials are great to wear as they tend to wick away sweat. Sneakers, minimalist shoes and closed-toed hiking sandals are great to wear in the heat as well.

Snow: Every now and then you’ll find yourself outside in the snow and cold on the course either in the early or late season. The easiest way to explain what to wear is to dress as if you are going skiing or snowboarding. Winter coats, snow pants, hats that will fit under a helmet, glove liners that will fit under the gloves we provide, and boots or waterproof shoes are perfect. Scarves, however, are not great to wear out there! If you would like something around your neck or face, neck gaiters (a tighter piece of material that goes over your head to fit around your neck) work fantastically. These you are able to pull up over your mouth and nose should you find the wind to be cold while zipping.

When you’re not sure about the weather: Layers, layers, layers, of all different sorts! Weather and temperature where you are coming from can be different from where we are located. And there can even be small variations from the base of the mountain to the top of our course. Bringing a variety of layers will help you decide what to wear once you arrive and see what it is actually like at the zip course. Bringing a variety of types of clothing will help as well. Warm layers vs light layers are great to have to choose from when you’re not sure if it will be warm or cold out.

All and all, try to think about your comfort level and what you typically wear during a certain type of weather. If you tend to be cold all the time, wear more layers and vice versa for if you tend to overheat. Your guides are there to answer questions and help you decide what you should wear as well. Happy zipping, get outside and experience the awesome New England weather any time of the year!


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