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West Branching with Team Z and a new sponsor

By Elaine Campbell

Living in Readsboro, VT has so many whitewater options.  My favorite is the WB of the Deerfield.  This section runs with snow melt and rain.  A big thunderstorm rolled in Wednesday night and dropped like 5 inches of rain in the area.  I checked the level first thing in the morning and it was running at a great medium level.  We put on and it was 2 feet.  Check out the video!



VT Peanut Butter is located in Morrisville, VT and is a new sponsor of mine.  They make a bunch of different kinds of organic nut butters that are packed with protein and goodness!  It’s hard to pick one as my favorite but Good Karma which is dark chocolate and peanut butter is super tasty.  I’m really looking forward to being a part of this awesome local business!

Here’s an article that will fill you in on the VT Peanut Butter story  

Check out the website and order up some jars you will be amazed at how good the Peanut Butters are. 

Till Next time,

Elaine Campbell




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