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Video update

By Elaine Campbell

August has been an awesome month.  Lot’s of great paddling and hanging out with family and friends.  I’ve spent most of the month on Lake Ontario and paddling at Hole Brothers.

I split my Labor Day weekend sailing with Jeff and paddling. I went to Beaver Fest to paddle Moshier Falls with a bunch of great friends and Team Z. It’s such a fun run that only releases one day a year so it’s a big deal and lot’s of boaters show up.

A few days later I met up with Demshitz in Montreal to paddle at Habitat 67.  We stayed at Phil’s house in Montreal who Dave just met at the Beaver.  Phil and his family were so nice for letting us stay in their home. We had a great time paddling with Phil and some new friends that we met.

We headed back to NY to hang out at the Lake.  Did some water skiing and just chilled out.  It’s always fun when Demshitz visit.

That’s pretty much it for now. I’m back in VT now and loking forward to paddling the Dryway this weekend and doing some squirt boating at CJ.

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Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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