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Top 10 Reasons to Snowshoe or Ski This Winter

By 829 Dev

Skiing at Berkshire East

It’s easy to feel cooped up at home in the winter, but winter is also one of the best times to get out and explore on skis or snowshoes!


  • It’s Easy! Snowshoeing couldn’t be easier! Any trail becomes a snowshoe trail with a little snow-just strap on your snowshoes and go!
  • It’s Cheap! Less gear intensive than alpine skiing- cross country skiing and snowshoeing gear is easy to use and durable, meaning you’ll get lots of miles on your set up!
  • It’s Fun! It really is!
  • No bugs…Believe it or not some of the best areas to ski and snowshoe in the winter are over frozen swampy areas.  Since they are relatively flat and free of undergrowth, these areas are a breeze. Of course, hungry bugs (and mud) would mean these areas are off limits in summer!
  • A Workout for Everyone! Skiing or snowshoeing allows you to workout at your own pace.  Glide over former rail beds for a relaxing adventure, or climb a mountain in your snowshoes to get your heart pumping! According to Snowsports Industries America you can expect to burn 45% more calories than with walking alone.
  • Seek Solitude- Cold temps and winter weather tend to keep the crowds at bay.  Winter travel allows you to have amazing views all to yourself.  
  • Silent Sounds- The creak of snow under your feet and the swoosh of your skis as they glide through the forest-it’s amazing what you’ll hear in the ‘silent’ winter woods.
  • A Little Detective Work… Sleuth out the truth of who and what has been there before.  It’s a blast to figure out what animals are around based on their tracks! Remember to take photos for an aprés ID!
  • Dawn Patrol-The short days of winter mean you need to get motivated! Morning ski tours are an amazing reward and a great start to the day!
  • Aprés Action- Go ahead and have the fondue-it’s ok-you just got a great workout!

What are your favorite reasons to go out and enjoy snow sports? Let us know in the comments! Or if you’re already excited about snowshoeing and skiing, check out our winter rentals and guided trips here!


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