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The Winter of a Kayak Instructor

By Office Staff

Skinning up an old fire road in Massachusetts

The last few months have been pretty exciting for me.  While I haven’t been boating, I’ve been having plenty of adventures.  With all the recent snow storms, I’ve been pretty focused on skiing.  I’ve had a bunch of fun days skiing at the resorts but this year I have been far more excited by the backcountry potential found in the northeast.  I’ve been exploring some of the smaller local mountains before and after work and trying to avoid the crowds and find some powder.  Some of the trails are a little grown in but more often than not I can find somewhere to get some fresh tracks.  I’m hoping to get a bunch more days in the near future including a few at Tucks and other locations with big exposed terrain.  I really enjoy the adventure of backcountry skiing.  It’s all about getting out somewhere new, skinning up and hopefully finding something really fun to ski.  Steeper more exposed terrain also adds in the possibility of avalanches and requires you to pay attention to the snow and constantly assess the potential for danger. 

In addition to the many ski adventures I’ve been having I have also been doing a little bit of winter camping.  I have always enjoyed the solitude and beauty found in the backcountry especially in the winter.  While getting out of my warm sleeping bag on a frigid morning may not be my favorite thing in the world, I really do enjoy the whole winter camping experience. 

I’m certainly looking forward to warmer weather and getting out on the rivers and creeks but I’m also having a really great winter.  Hopefully there are plenty more great ski days this winter/spring and lots of snowmelt and good paddling as the temperatures warm.

See you out on the slopes and/or the rivers!



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