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The New England Whitewater Triple Crown

By Blair Winans

This was the 4th year of the Triple Crown on the Farmington River in CT.  What another great event that was put on by the organizers and volunteers. It’s a downriver race, slalom, and freestyle competition and you get points on your placing in each event.  Saturday is the qualifying day and individual prizes and Sunday is the day the Triple Crown gets awarded.

There were not as many competitors this year so the event moved a little faster than last year.  Saturday the event started at 9:15am with the downriver race and a few of us were so fast that we beat the timer to the finish line and had to race again!  After downriver racing you hop into a slalom boat and run the course twice and you are crazy tired! Then you squeeze yourself into your playboat for 2 freestyle runs.  You are officially cooked at that point and guess what, you get to do it again tomorrow if you qualify!  Ten men moved on from Saturday and since there were only four women we all moved on to Sunday.

Saturday night we tried to get a good night sleep in the RV but Laya our fat cat kept us up all night meowing and scratching at my face for pets.  We wanted to cook her like a chicken!  Anyway, Sunday morning arrived and we got to the race put in around 8am.  I was feeling good and wanted to better my time from Saturday, which I did by 1 second!  Not what I was hoping for but it’s better than being a second slower.  Emily of course beat me in the downriver race by a lot.  She was 4 minutes 12 seconds and I was 4 minutes 30 seconds.  Rachel came in 3rd and Courtney from New Zealand came in 4th. It doesn’t seem like a hard race but when you know it’s only 4 something minutes you go all out and it hurts.  

The next event is slalom and I was lucky enough to borrow Andy’s sweet slalom boat on Sunday which helped improve my time by like 40 seconds from Saturday.  I had 2 good slalom runs and my second run was clean and was 154 seconds and came in 3rd.  Emily of course crushed the slalom with 122 seconds and was 1st.  Rachel who is a slalom boater also did really well and came in 2nd, her best run was 132 seconds. Courtney came in 4th with 168 seconds. When the slalom race was over a bunch of the competitors went across the river to help take down gates before we started the freestyle event.  It was a huge help to get the gates down so the volunteers wouldn’t have worry about it.   

The last event of the day was freestyle and since it was finals you had 3 runs and your best one counts.  The level was good but you crushed the bottom on your loops or at least I did. Emily of course killed it in freestyle with 600 points coming in 1st.  I had a 180 point ride with my most signature move the mcnasty flush for a 2nd place finish. Courtney came in 3rd for freestyle with 90 and Rachel in 4.

The Triple Crown results for women is Emily, me, and Rachel.  In the mens class was EJ, Danny, and Nick.  The mens class was super close this year and Jordan came in 4th in C1 which was pretty awesome.  

I had a great time again and am looking forward to next year!  I left CT then headed to FL to drive my mother in law’s car and dog back to MA and now I’m hanging out at my sister in law’s house in DE and will be back home tomorrow after I drop her car off. Then it’s getting ready for the big trip out west!

 tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/trip crown/IMG_0137-1823174396-O.jpg

Photo by: Scott Barnes

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/trip crown/IMG_0145-1823174465-O.jpg

Photo by: Scott Barnes

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/trip crown/IMG_9710-1823174603-O.jpg

Photo by: Scott Barnes

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/trip crown/IMG_9951-1823174662-O.jpg

Photo by: Scott Barnes

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/trip crown/PC140115.JPG

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell  




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