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The New England Triple Crown in CT

By Elaine Campbell

What a great event! It’s probably the funnest event I compete in. It starts off on Saturday with a head to head downriver race. I borrowed Bruce Lessels Wave Hopper and raced with Emily Jackson. She beat me by 10 seconds. It’s about a 4 minute race so you give it all you got to the finish line. I was so close to her and then the hopper decided to hang a left. My corrective strokes took a little too much time and I fell behind. At the finish line I managed to get out of my boat with out vomiting or falling over. My arms burned so bad! On Sunday it’s not a head to head and my time was slower not sure yet what it is was but I was so tired and could feel it in every stroke. Emily took first I took second and Marcella McClatchey took third.

The next event was the slalom race. This was the second slalom course I’ve done (last year at the Trip Crown was the first). I have a slalom boat (thanks Scott Barnes) and was ready to go! I nailed the top section on my first go and missed the upstream gate 17. I bailed at the last second so I wouldn’t miss 18,19, and 20. My second one wasn’t that good. Sunday I did well in both slalom times but just missed gate 17. I caught the back of the eddy and was trying to pull myself up on the rocks and then got pushed downstream by the current. I was so frustrated because I was so close but I didn’t give up. Emily took first I took second and Marcella McClatchey took third.

The final event on both days was the freestyle. The level at T-Ville was a little high so head judge Jimmy Blakeny decided to make it a downstream freestyle event. We could do downriver moves and catch the 4 features in the rapid. The same rules applied as a regular freestyle event he just added wave wheels, machos, kick flips, etc. I entered with wave wheels and a macho move (didn’t get it around properly). Then dropped into the first feature called Babylon and then dropped into Pencil Sharpener which is a beefy hole. I was able to get some control for a cartwheel and then got worked would get into control again and then got worked. Finally I flushed out and was like lets do it again so I did. I put on a show for the crowd and they seemed to of liked it. A few people swam out of the hole both days. Sunday I stayed out of Pencil Sharpener the level dropped and it got shallow. I didn’t need to get dragged on the bottom like my brother Mark did. Emily crushed it again and took first I took second and Merrie took third.

The overall Triple Crown winners for women Emily Jackson, second Elaine Campbell and third Marcella McClatchey.

Men: Eric Jackson, Dane Jackson, and Nick Troutman.

C1: Jordan Poffenberger, Dane Jackson, and Devin McEwan.

Big ups to all the organizers especially to Andy Kuhlberg he did an amazing job. Also to all the women competitors especially junior Emery Tillman she was great! What a great time competing with a bunch of my friends and brother had such and awesome time! Oh yeah and to Jeff thanks for being the best shuttle bunny and volunteer (hugs and kisses).

We are off to the NOC Shootout and the road trip begins!

Photos by: Scott Barnes

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Take Care,

Elaine Campbell


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