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Teva Mountian Games and Lyons Outdoor Games

By Elaine Campbell

I’m a little late on this one but we’ve been traveling from place to place so it’s been a little tough to get an update in. The Teva Games this year was pretty insane. This was my 3rd year at the games and the weather is usually cold and rainy. This year the weather was hot and the water level came up pretty high on Gore Creek.

I made it to semi-finals and was fired up about paddling again in the comp. Semi’s didn’t go as well as I hoped. In Vail you flush once and it puts a beat down on you. The elevation is close to 9,000 so you start breathing hard and the freezing cold water doesn’t help the situation. I couldn’t get myself together to finish my ride. Finals was pretty insane it was class V freestyle. The river was flooded and ridiculous amounts of wood floated downstream. The competitors in finals put on a good show especially Dustin Urban. He threw down an amazing ride in the feature that was crazy surgy. Emily Jackson who had one chance to get out of 4th place was able to put down a ride to take 1st followed by Tanya Faux, and Haley Mills. It was really fun to watch.

The party Saturday night after the event was so much fun! This year was called the Black out party (luckily we didn’t black out). The next morning we did laundry and headed out to Nederland to visit with Jeff’s step-brother and then drove to Lyons.

The Lyons Outdoor Games was last weekend. It was really hot when we got there and then it started to rain and didn’t stop for like three days. The level was high on the St. Vrain and hasn’t been that high in a long time. The feature the comp is usually on was washed out and we heard about this feature in the park where the campground is that was really good. The event organizers decided to move the comp there and also moved the slalom course up the river and the boater cross. The organizers also decided to move the South St. Vrain creek Race up stream and on race day they only did one run because the level was rising and became pretty dangerous.

I made it into finals in 2nd place, Emily Jackson was in 1st and Haley Mills was in 3rd. I really wanted to take 1st so I stuck to my plan of go big or go home. It doesn’t all ways work but soon it will start to come together. Emily came in 1st, Haley 2nd, and me 3rd. In the men’s class Nick Troutman was 1st, Stephen Wright 2nd, and Eric Jackson 3rd. In the junior class Taylor Cote came in third with a great ride! Jeff my husband competed in c1 and oc1 and came in 4th with 3 swims. It was awesome!

We are in Salida now getting ready for FiBark.

Here’s a video form the Lyons Games.

Till next time,



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