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Summer so far!

By Elaine Campbell

It’s been a busy summer! We got back from out west just in time to attend the Deerfield River Fest in MA.  Jeff and I set up a Wave Sport booth at the fest to get the word out about the new Recon, Ethos, and the Core whiteout outfitting.   I also got to do two races that weekend one in my wild water boat on the lower Fife Brook about 6 miles of pretty much flat water. The other race was the Lozer Cup series in my Wave Sport Momentum on the Dryway about 4 miles long.  Both were super fun races and came in 5th in the wild water race and took 3rd in the throwback category and 10th overall in the Lozer Cup.  A lot of Lozers raced that weekend since it was the festival which made it an interesting mass start at the put in. I have a few more Lozer Cups to attend this season on the Dryway so I’m hoping to improve my time! 

Next on the schedule was my brother’s wedding in Sweden on July 7th! We flew out of Boston and arrived in Ostersund, Sweden on the 4th.  We had an amazing time!  The wedding was beautiful as was the country!  I’m so happy for my brother Mark and Astrid! It would of been great to of gone boating but we didn’t have much time but we did get to Are, Sweden and did a day of downhill mountain biking, which was ridiculously fun!  

We got back to VT and I left the next day with high hopes of competing in the first event of the King of NY race series on the Black River but wound up getting sick and was crazy jet lagged.  I decided to bail on the race and missed the insane party during the Black Fest.  A bummer but I made the right decision and got some sleep and felt better a few days later.

We are still in NY with low water. I’ve been to the Black a few times which is low but a lot of tricks can still be done, even though you may hit the bottom. I’ve been spending time paddling my wild water boat on Lake Ontario and on my Pau Hana SUP which has been really fun!  I’ve had the Pau Hana Malibu out on the lake a bunch and took it down a section of the Deerfield River.  I can get Brook on the Malibu which took a lot of beef jerky at first but now she’ll get on it no problem. I also have an Oahu which is a beautiful board that I’ve been paddling around on the lake.  It’s such a great workout and really fun, especially when you get some nice sized rollers! The sailing has been great and we’ve been water skiing so the summer is going really well even though the paddling isn’t what it usually is on the Black River and upstate NY.

This past weekend was the SicByrd BroDown at Hole Bro’s.  There was like 20 competitors and preliminaries was a 30 minute jam session with 3 judges.  Everyone had plenty of chances to get their best and worst rides in.  A lot of great cart wheels/split wheel combos, blunts, loops, back stabs, and more were thrown around in the hole.  The judges took five of us to finals and one from the amateur class, which was Tommy 2 Gunz who just learned how to roll last week and he killed it!  The finalists were Justin, Bagel, Ciaran, Tony, and I.  We had a 10 minute jam session and when it was over we were given one more chance each to BroDown!  We were all getting pretty tired but Tony had one great ride and took the win of the SicByrd BroDown! I had the most variety award, Justin was most consistent, Bagel best combos, Ciaran had the best trick, and Tony won the overall BroDown!   Lot’s of prizes were given out donated by Mountain Man and SicByrd plus a winner takes all cash purse!  We had a great time at this event! Dave Gardner from SicByrd put it all together and he really put on a great event!  Thanks to Dan, Dave, and Tom from Whitewater Challengers for judging!  Jeff and I were super psyched we went and participated in the BroDown!  I’d like to see more freestyle events put on like this one.  It really made for a fun and relaxed competitive event for everyone who entered! Can’t wait for next year!

I decided to skip the World Cup and hang out in the northeast and do some races instead. I’ll do the last few Lozer Cup races, the King of NY races on the Eagle, Raquette, and the Moose, WildWater Team Trials and who knows what next!  Damn I’m busy!  

Next week off to the Ottawa and hopefully to Lachine!

 tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/P6300030.JPG

Deerfield Fest

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/P7210042.JPG

Lake Ontario with Brook!

Photo: Jeff Campbell

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Photo: Jeff Campbell

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Photo: Jeff Campbell

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell



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