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Staff Spotlight: Dan Burke

By Cassie Hayden

Was Zoar Outdoor your first job?  If so, what was the most surprising thing you’ve learned here?

Zoar was my first job and it has taught me countless life lessons. I have learned how to be a people person and how to multitask effectively among other skills. But the most surprising thing has been learning how to be a business man. I have learned so much about advertising, product management and how to sell the right thing to someone.

You compete in the Berkshire Highlands Pentathlon each spring.  How’d you do this year?  Any goals for next year?

This year I received 3rd in the under 19 category. Next year I’ve been recruited to the Mohawk Varsity M team for the kayak leg. They were able to take 1st overall last year and hope to do it again.

What do you look for in a kayak that you’ll enjoy paddling?

I am a tall and skinny person so I always have trouble finding a kayak that fits my body and my weight. That’s why I always try to find the kayak that fits the snuggest for me. A tighter fit gives the paddler much more control and better reaction time. When I look for a boat I make sure it is properly outfitted and comfortably tight. Having the correct weight for the boat greatly aids its stability and control.

How do you think kayaking will help you later in life?

For some people kayaking is a hard sport to pick up, and through helping those people I have learned lessons on how to be a better teacher. 


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