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Rt.3 Wave Watertown,NY

By 829 Dev

We left VT after a couple days of relaxing at home and headed to our cottage in Henderson, NY. The Black River was at an ideal level and Rt.3 Wave was perfect. The weather was great, my nephew John came with us to spend the week and good friends Nicole and Jeff (yes another Jeff) came to visit. We went to the wave for a few days and we paddled and John fished. We even brought the Aire inflatable duo and surfed the wave with it. Surfing the inflatable was crazy fun! I was laughing so I hard I all most peed myself!

Rt. 3 Wave is great for all levels of ability. My friend Nicole was working on her spins and Jeff is a newbie and worked on catching the wave and establishing a front surf which he did a few times. I was working on my left clean blunt and left flip turn which both moves are getting better. I had a couple of clean roundhouses so I’m getting close.

It rained a bunch so Rt. 3 washed out so I’ve been paddling at Hole Brothers which has been a wave. The levels are dropping so Rt.3 should be back in soon. As of now I’ll keep paddling at Hole Brothers and it’s the Black River Fest this weekend so I’m getting ready for the big party tomorrow night at Hudson River Rafting. If you are in the area or have nothing to do you should come to the Black Fest. The river run is awesome class III/IV with a waterfall called Glen Park Falls and upstream of the run is a park and huck that’s pretty stout.

Take Care,

Elaine Campbell


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