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Rt. 3 Wave Black River, NY

By Elaine Campbell

Since we have been back from the CO competition tour we’ve been back and forth form our house in VT paddling the Deerfield River and our rental Cottage in Henderson, NY. We’ve been doing a lot of paddling and sailing in NY. I was able to make a quick trip up to the Ottawa when Mini Bus was in and that was big, burly fun and also got to party at the Deerfield River Fest.

A lot of paddling has been done at Hole Brother’s on the Black River since Rt.3 wave changed because a rock moved and altered the wave. Well about $8,000 later Rt.3 is back and better than ever! We surfed it today around 2,500 cfs which was never possible before because it was always green. Great surfers right shoulder, surfers left is good (not as a good as the surfers right shoulder), all moves you land in a pile, it’s just sweet so sweet!

photos:Jeff Campbell

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Elaine Campbell


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