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Reno River Fest

By 829 Dev

We arrived in Reno after the 3 ½ day drive from VT. We were all so happy to be done with that drive! The water level was high which was great because you could loop the crap out of the hole and not hit bottom. World Kayak had the Home Town Throw Down and we played the the Game of Brown just like the Game of Gnar. A bunch of us played the game some of the things that were done was eat a donut during your ride (me), flipping above the hole and carping many times (Craig), the obvious bladder relief in the eddy and wrong boat (Erin), paddling in the hole with your paddle the wrong way (Quintin), the big one was the Brownulator to the Romulator (Jeff), and many more fun things happened.

The Reno Fest kicked off on Friday with some high water at the hole which was more like a wave. Jeff and Hobie announced which was pretty awesome having Jeff announce at the event. I pretty much had one good ride then the others were not as good so I came in 6th missing the cut by 30 points thanks to my best move the flush! Then I firedup the judges booth judging pro men.

Saturday was my 31st birthday and we paddled Florestin on the Truckee about 3,400 cfs fun wave trains and a really fun dam. Dave Fusilli had the biggest macho move I have ever seen you know Kirk style. We had to get back to the Fest since I was judging the men and Craig had to paddle in the men’s final. Birthday partying had to wait till after finals. Men and women’s finals was really good. Ruth took first by throwing down a sick ride, Emily second and Erin third. Men was Stephen who just did insane things, EJ second and Dustin third. Then it was time to party! We destroyed the Grand Sierra again by Laser tag, Bowling, Line dancing and doing cartwheels and such in the hall way.

Sunday came pretty fast for Boater Cross. I felt the night before and didn’t have a good first run Sage beat me with the paddle to the face on the upstream gate. I got to go again in the Lozer round and I broke out fast and made it to the up stream gate first and finished the race backwards showing off the guns. Then I was up again for semi finals and Emily and I were head to head down to the gate and she had the edge on the inside of the gate so she caught the downstream water first and came in first then I second. Up next was finals this was my 4th run in a row hungover and tired. Finals was Emily, Amanda, Devon, and me. Emily and I started off again right on each other right up to the up stream gate were we battled to get through it while this was going on Amanda slipped by us. Emily again had the advantage being on the inside came out the eddy first then me then the sprint to the finish. Amanda first, Emily, then me. It was such a fun race!

The Reno River Fest is such a fun time! There is so much to do and so many fun people to hang out with. Jeff had to fly home and he’ll fly back before BV. Now just hanging out trying to figure out what to run today and the next few days before I head out to WY for the Green River event.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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