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Raquette/Beaver Creeking Weekend

By Jim Sullivan

Team Z meet up to have a great creeking weekend in NY state.  Ben Natusch, Adam Ducomb and myself (Jim Sullivan) left Zoar Outdoor after work on Friday and drove through the evening to arrive at Elaine Campbell’s cottage near Watertown.  On Saturday we ran the Stone Valley section of the Raquette, and on Sunday we ran the Mosier and Eagle sections of the Beaver River.

We were so excited to get some real creek boating in.  It’s been a really dry summer for boating anything other than the guaranteed releases on the Deerfield River.  I was also excited to bring the boys to a new river; neither Adam nor Ben had been to the Beaver creek releases before or the Raquette.

Saturday, nerves were running high for the Raquette, the hardest of the three sections.  Of course it was also the first river we’d be paddling, but the warm weather and warm water eased our tension as we slid into a great weekend of paddling.  Sunday we had totally relaxed into a great creek boating vibe.   Enjoy a couple photos from a great weekend trip.

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/SpringHubbardSwift/Adam.jpg

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/SpringHubbardSwift/Ben.jpg

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/SpringHubbardSwift/Jim.jpg

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/SpringHubbardSwift/Elaine.jpg

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/SpringHubbardSwift/Jim1.jpg

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/SpringHubbardSwift/view.jpg


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