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Potomac White Water Festival

By Jim Sullivan


Lets start with the numbers:

5 paddlers

11 boats

8 different paddles used

8 hour drive became 12 hours

no sunscreen

Potomac fest was an awesome event despite pushing the
physical limits of driving through the night and waking up in the morning with
barely enough time to get to the event and register. We had a solid Team Z crew for this event
which added to our enthusiasm to push each other to our potential. Tino had solid prelim race and easily made
finals for the falls event. Jim won the
rodeo with a ridiculous points total and Tino attained second. Hillary achieved second in the womens class
rodeo event, her first competitive event for rodeo and a boater-cross
race. Mike Porter made the finals of the
boater-cross and had a strong finish.
Dennis stepped up to some big lines, and was a feisty competitor in each



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