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NOC Shootout

By Elaine Campbell

We left home for 2 ½ months last week and our first stop on the tour was the NOC Shootout in North Carolina. We arrived on Friday late afternoon after 16 hours of driving. When we got there we had to say hello to our peeps and do some catching up. I finally got in the water and was surprised how cold the water was. Being from the northeast I assumed the water would be warmer than home but I was wrong. Anyway, I found the feature to be really fun but tricky. I had a hard time looping I would either hit the bottom or do some wacky sort of loop and flush. The good news was I wasn’t the only person who found the spot tricky.

Saturday was the comp and I had no plan but just to go out there and have fun. My expectations were low because of my practice on Friday. I made it into finals on Sunday with some moves (not sure what but I did). I decided since I didn’t have much to do or much time to figure out the feature I decided to just go for Mcnasties every time after every flush and I did. I flushed on all of them (oh well) but had a great time and got 4th. Haley Mills came in 1st, Adriene Levknecht took 2nd, and Maria Noakes took 3rd. Bryan Kirk came in first for the men.

I also competed in the attainment race. It was a mass start on foot and you had to jump in your boat and start paddling upstream. It was a ton of fun even though I was taken out by a raft!

After the comp we left and went to Georgia to visit Jeff’s uncle and aunt and got some southern hospitality which was so sweet. I may have gained 5 pounds while we were there. We left GA and then drove 30 hours (with a nights sleep in-between) to AZ to visit my uncle and aunt it was great seeing them. Now Jeff’s working at his companies office in Mesa, AZ and we’ll leave late afternoon and slowly trek over to Reno.

Here’s the damage report so far on the RV: right side trailer light caught on fire due to faulty rewiring, one cracked drivers side mirror due to Jeff hitting some tall reflector on a jersey barrier and a ding from me taking out one of those plastic barrels during construction. Hopefully that’s it for the damage report.

That’s it for now and Brook and Laya are enjoying life on the road again.

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Photos by: Jeff Campbell

Take Care,

Elaine Campbell


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