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New England Triple Crown and NOC Shootout

By Elaine Campbell

The Triple Crown was another great event. More paddlers showed up this year which made it a tough competition for all. Saturday starts off with a head to head downriver race. I was head to head with Dane Jackson he was in a Speeder and I was was in a WaveHopper. I kept up with him at first and then he broke away. I paddled my brains out and my time was 4min 33sec which put me in second place for the down river. Katrina Van Wijck came in first with 4min 29sec in a glass Dart (I want one) and Jessie Stone in third. The next event was slalom and I was letting Dave Fussilli use my plastic slalom boat. I went first and then he went and found a rock and put a hole in the bottom of my boat. We then scrambled to get a boat for a second run. I got in a glass boat and did pretty well for not being a slalom boater and came in 4th. Katrina, Emily and Jessie took 1st-3rd. Then it was freestyle for the USACK point series. I’m pretty tired at this point and didn’t have great rides in the competition and came in 4th. Emily, Haley and Jessie was the order for freestyle. Then we do it again the next day if you make it to the next day. I was super excited about the downriver and your solo this day. I start off well and am paddling fast until I crash into a rock that’s barely above the water put a huge hole in the WaveHopper which is Bruce Lessel’s owner of Zoar Outdoor sink and swim. Pretty crazy! I had to finish the race in it and it was pretty sketchy because the boat was full of water and I can’t believe I didn’t swim again. Slalom was next came close to my best time ever and missed a gate by not getting my head under it, bummer. Freestyle went okay but not great beginning of season for me so it will get better the more time I get to train. The Triple Crown finish was Emily, Katrina, and Jessie. Can’t wait till next year and hopefully won’t sink and swim!

After the Triple Crown we drove to the Dries and I had one day there. It was at an in between level but still pretty awesome! We left Fayetteville Tuesday morning to head to NOC for International Judge Training which went really well. I passed the exam and am an ICF certified Judge and could be judging at the World Championships in Germany this summer if I get chosen as a judge. Saturday I hung out with Endless River Adventures at Nantahala Falls for the WaveSport Open. A fun competition for paddlers to win prizes. There was a good turn out for the level being high.

The Shootout was Saturday and Sunday. A really fun competition just hanging out with friends that I haven’t seen since last year. It was a USACK point series and paddled to fifth place woo hoo! Emily, Haley, and Adriene took top three. Then I drove the long ride home like 15 hours! It was great to get home and see the family. I missed Jeff and the pets so much!

Now I’m home cleaning the house and going to get the RV ready for the big trip out west. We leave next Thursday the 28th for about 2 months. I’ll go and visit my family this weekend and am getting some paddling in before we leave.

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Photos by Jeff Campbell Triple crown

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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