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Mother nature changed her mind! Plus a Project X review

By Elaine Campbell

I thought spring was here but was wrong. It only lasted for 3 days and right back to winter! I decided to head south only to PA and NJ which isn’t really that south but a little warmer than VT not by much though. The temps here have been in the 40’s but we did have 2 days of 50 but windy. The paddling has been good one day at Holtwood and a couple days at Scudders. It’s been tough getting back into boating shape but it’s all starting to come back to me now.

The WS Project X 48 is such a great boat and I’m not just saying that because I’m sponsored by WaveSport if you know me I pretty much tell it like it is and if I had issues with the boat I would be honest about it. It loops huge for me! My Project 45 never gave up the air this boat gives up in a hole and even on a wave. When I had it on Inner City Wave I never got that much air on my helixes, pan-ams, blunts, etc. It releases way easier than the Project ever did. The control is much better probably because your knees are higher up in the boat and it makes the edge to edge transitions way more precise. It’s easy to initiate cartwheels, phonix, and mcnasty’s and gives big pop with spinny loop tricks. It’s shorter and has more volume than the Project did so it may take a few times to get it sorted out but once you do man it feels easy. It’s pretty darn fast on the little baby waves and the big waves. It’s also a good river runner I had it on the Upper and Lower Gauley, and a few other rivers back in New England at high water levels and the boat isn’t squirly at all. It’s stable in big wave trains and easy to maneuverer so you don’t drop into that big hole that appeared out of nowhere. The new white out outfitting is crazy comfortable. I’ve had a bunch of people ask me if it’s slippery and it is not. It’s the same material they use for jet ski seats and boat seats so no it’s not slippery and yes it’s waterproof. I can also assure you that I’ve been quite the dirty girl lately walking through mud, sand and way too much snow (knee deep which sucks when you have to pee in the woods) and the dirtiness brushes right off the seat! All in all very happy with the boat the design crew gets my two thumbs up! Here’s what I suggest get to your local dealer like Zoar Outdoor demo one and try it out for yourself I’m positive you’ll be very pleased with the boat pretty quickly.

I’m bunkered down in Wilmington, DE at my sister-in-laws ready to go home but can’t because north of here they are getting pounded with snow and I’m sick of driving in the snow! I’m not paddling today I’m pretty tired so I’ll hit up Scudder’s tomorrow then drive home. We are supposed to get a bunch of rain Monday and Tuesday in VT so I’m hoping that the rivers will rise and get to paddle around home before I take off for 2 months.

There was supposed to be the New Haven Race this weekend but was canceled because no water they moved it to next weekend but I can’t go since I’ll be competing in the New England Triple Crown which is one of my favorite competitions. Any who that’s it for now I’ll let you know how the Triple Crown goes and everything after that because the competition season has started!

Till Next Time,

Elaine Campbell 



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