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Loop Squad

By Cassie Hayden

Loop Squad How To Blunt


Steps for your secret success of mastery for the blunt, and hopefully, aerial blunt.

1. Carve or spin to the tip top of a wave, build that potential energy bro!
2. As you begin to gain speed and come flying down the wave like a
little winged bird, begin to drop the edge opposite of the side you
desire with all your heart (otherwise it won’t work) to blunt on.
3. Now you are ready to be the blunt-master. Dig that opposite edge in
deep, maybe even taking a stroke on that side for a little extra mojo,
and as that edge pops back up and releases from the water….
4. Switch them edges like it’s your job dog!
5. Now place the blade on the side you are now blunting on in at your hips and throw that end around.
6. Keep your thinkin’ cap pointed upstream to help you stay in control
on the wave, and continue that stroke to your toes to push yourself
back on the wave (you are backwards now, afterall).
7. Sometimes another stroke is needed to keep you on the wave, but
having to take this stroke makes it hard to combo to other moves.
8. Well, now you’ve blunted, spin around, and get ready to do it again
bro! Or actually, seeing as you’ve blunted, it would be lame to do
another. Time to Pan-Am it up!


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