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Living on the Ottowa River

By Cassie Hayden

I’m off to Canada! I have taken the position of Video and Coach at
New River Academy! Our first destination is the Ottawa River of which I
am very in love with. But before I praise it too much I will say the
trip up has been just as fun as living on some of the best playboating
in the world. After finishing out a strong season at Zoar Outdoor I
packed the car and made the four-hour drive from MA to Montreal with my
sister Hannah. Montreal contains one of my favorite places to paddle,
Lachine! We rolled into the Lachine Parking lot at 3a.m. and passed
out. At ten in the morning I woke up and geared up for a couple
hour-long session with my friend Aaron Mead. Lachine was at a low level
so the Big Joe wave was inconsistent but when you caught a good pass
you could still go huge. Aaron spent most of his time on Pyramid wave
and was throw Helix’s and all sorts of new school tricks. After a
tiring day on Lachine I parted ways with my sister and headed to the
Ottawa with Aaron. The next morning we were surfing Garb. If you are
not familiar with Garburator it is probably the best wave in the world.
It has two perfect shoulders and a super strong foam pile at the top
for landing those hard to do tricks. The thing that makes it really
special is that it has eddy service and a rock in between the eddy and
the wave to film or take pictures off of. After a good session I Aaron
dropped me off at Wilderness Tours, which is the local Ottawa Resort
and the place to come if you are thinking about staying on the Ottawa
in style. After a short wait the New River Academy Showed up just as
planned and I got to meet the new kids and new teachers. I have to say,
Once again David Hughes (the director of New River Academy) has found
some extremely talented teachers to lead the group this year and the
kids are just as talented on and off the water. All right, enough
praising of organizations, places and people even I they do deserve it.
The Ottawa River has offered for the past few days some awesome times
and some world-class play. I’m excited to see what happens here in the
next three weeks. Hope everyone is well.

Paddle Hard,


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