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Lachine Update

By Cassie Hayden

The other day Fergus and I headed up to
Lachine for a few hours to enjoy some big wave action. We ferried our
way over to the wave and I set up camera while Ferg paddled into the
wave. Right off the bat Fergus threw one of the biggest blunts I’ve
ever seen thrown there but then discovered that he had cracked his
boat. He took a few more rides and then it was my turn. I forgot how
much fun this wave is. You can get air so easily and sometimes when you
don’t even want to. Anyway Fergus and I switched on and off with the
camera every couple rides and then a huge thunderstorm rolled in and
caught us out in the middle of the river so Fergus started to head
back. I was on the wave at the time and a really big Oar Raft came
through and the oar hit me in the head pretty hard. A few minutes
later I got a pretty bad headache so I decided to head back as well.

So that was it: an 8-hour drive for 9 rides on Lachine. Oh well, we’ll be going back soon and will have some really good video comin’ at you!

Paddle Hard,



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