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Inner City Wave Black River, NY

By Elaine Campbell

It has been a great start to the 2009 paddling season for me. I’m paddling great and feel great. I was in Henderson, NY last week and paddled on Inner City Wave for a few days. This is one of my favorite features to play on. It’s big, fast, and so much fun! It has good eddy access but be ready for your boat to take a beating from the rocks. It’s a great wave to prepare myself for US Freestyle Team Trials.

I’m back home in VT and am going back to NY this weekend for more Inner City Wave. I’ll be there until my first competition of the season which is the Triple Crown on the Farmington River in CT. Enjoy the photos and I’m working on a video of the wave which I should finish in a week or so.

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Brook enjoying the only day of sun.

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Photos by: Jeff Campbell

Take Care,

Elaine Campbell


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