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I love the Fall in New England!

By Elaine Campbell

We got more rain just as promised! A bunch of us planned on going to the Moose Fest but then we bailed when the rivers around my house in VT came up. A bunch of friends came over including my brother Mark. We paddled the West Branch of the Deerfield River at 3ft on Saturday. We had a great time paddling my home creek. While we were boating Jeff took a ride to the hardware store and picked up some insulation so when we got back everyone was put to work putting up insulation in the basement. I got out of it because I made dinner with help from Mark.

Sunday came and I called Jeremy, Nicole, and Dave and told them to come and paddle Eazy St. with us and the Big Branch in VT. We met up with those guys and fell down Eazy St. It’s a pretty short section of river but had some really fun slides on it. We then drove over to the Big Branch which was running at 3.5ft. We put in at the top section and the walk was around 10 minutes to the river. None of us new the run and we had to bomb down because we were going to run out of day light. The River had massive boulders in it and you couldn’t really see where to go but we made it to the lower section. I decided to get out before Cave Drop and the other two harder drops. The pace we were running at was fine for the top section but I knew the next section had the three hardest drops and that pace was a bit much for me in the lower section. When I took out Dave,Jeremy, Craig, Brent, and Mark had an hour of daylight left. I made the right decision they all came crashing down to the takeout right at dusk tired and hungry. Mark broke his paddle after Cave Drop and Jeremy saved the day by having a break down paddle because getting out at the Big Branch is a nightmare. I took out at one of the only places you can and it’s still not an easy place to get out carrying a boat. It was a steep hill with a zig-zagging trail and the steps made out of rock. What a great day and weekend we had!

Monday we went to Dummerchuck in VT which was around 1,900cfs. I didn’t last long my tennis elbow started to act up so I relaxed on the rocks while they played in the hole and threw a foam football at each other. We also went to T-Ville in CT which was around 2.1ft a little shallow and touchy so you you had to really be careful not to hit the bottom or flush. The Project X performed great in the little hole. Easy to cartwheel, spin, Phonix, splitwheel, etc. I find the Project X to be more responsive and more retentive than the old Project in holes and on waves. The Project X comes out in January so you better get your order in now for this amazing boat!

Here’s a quick video from T-Ville and Dummerchuck of me in the Project X 48.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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