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How to Pan-Am

By Elaine Campbell

How to Pan-Am:

All right so now you know how to blunt and you want to add another trick to your bag-o-tricks. It’s time to learn the Pan-Am!


A past vertical air blunt, boat must be inverted and rotate 180 degress and finish upright landing in a back surf or side surf.

Left Pan-Am:


  1. Start trick like an air blunt but now read closely how the trick changes from an air Blunt to a Pan-Am when you rotate to the opposite side.

  2. Right when you throw that hard bounce on your right edge the boat starts to fly out of the water, change edges and pull up on your right thigh brace.

  3. As your pulling up on your right brace do a pry stroke with your left blade (this helps with the boat rotation) while doing the stroke flick that boat over your head by leaning back and looking hard over your left shoulder. The boat should be inverted and rotating at this point and you can see the wave in your face.

  4. Now you pull your knees up to your chest, getting back in the neutral position of the boat, landing the trick backwards or sideways, and throw in a recovery stroke so you don’t flush.

  5. You just did a Pan-Am!


Here’s a video clip of me doing a Pan-Am at Inner City Wave in the Project X 48.

I hope that helps!

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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