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How to Helix/Felix

By 829 Dev

How to Helix/Felix:
(Helix has air/Felix no air)

A 360 degree spin with at least 180 degrees of which the boat must be inverted.

The Helix is my favorite trick to do on a wave. The best part about this trick is you can practice it on flatwater.

To practice the trick on flatwater here’s what you do.

1. Do a reverse stroke on your left to start the spin momentum.
2. When the reverse stroke gets to your bow flip the boat over while doing a forward stroke. This will spin the boat around.
3. Roll up on the other side.

Left Helix on a wave:

1. Get on top of the foam pile and start carving down to get speed.

2. As you start coming down the face of the wave use the reverse stroke to get your boat sideways and engage a bounce by lifting your right knee up hard on your thigh braces pulling the boat up. The reverse stroke plus the bounce will happen at the same time and this starts the spin momentum.

3. When you feel your boat bouncing out of the water your flipping it over your head with the forward stroke.

4. Roll up on the other side and boom you just did a helix!

Hope that helps!

Heres a video clip of me doing a helix in Great Falls, MT.

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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