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How to Air Blunt!

By Elaine Campbell

How to Air Blunt: 


Elevated 180 degrees rotation on green water at an angle

greater than 45 degrees, clear of the foam pile, where the

competitor rotates around the bow of the boat landing in a back



Left Air Blunt: 

1. Get to the top of the wave by carving.

2. Once on top drop your right edge and do a forward stroke on your right side to accelerate the boat down the face of the wave.  Coming down the pile heading towards like 1- 2 o’clock angle. Keep your eyes looking upstream.

3. While doing the forward stroke on edge, tighten up your abs lean forward and bounce hard on that right edge. It’s like a pumping motion.

4. Your boat now is going to get rejected and it will be in the air. Keep looking upstream, change edges by dropping your left edge and pulling up hard on your right and place the left blade in the water (like a low brace position) to help rotate you around your boat. Keep looking upstream until the landing!

5. Once you feel the rotation of the boat come around you can flatten out and throw in a back stroke as a recovery so you don’t flush.


There you have it, a beautiful air blunt. I hope what I said makes sense.  Remember stay looking upstream until you land and be snappy!


To do a right just switch up your edges!


Here’s a video of me throwing a left blunt at Lunch Counter Wave in Jackson, WY.



Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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