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Got Rain?

By Cassie Hayden


Except for September 10th we have had no rain of note this entire godforsaken season!?

Pretty much everything flashed to pretty good levels, Pelham Dunbar
and Black Brook all got some water but just did not quite justify
putting on. The Cold went off too, and the rest of the crew had a great
run down that with some first timers. However, Elaine Cambell had
called earlier in the day with reports that the West Branch was running
at 8 on the gauge, which sounded like a better option to test out the
new Jefe Grande. So Mike and I loaded up and bombed up to race the
sunset to the take out.

Flash runs also mean a short window and by the time we got up there
it was down to 5. So that was it for the one glorious day of natural
flow in the North East.

‘Till the next thunderstorm here is the video of that run.

West Branch


Mike and Fergus


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