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Deerfield River Fest and a Wave Sport Ethos video

By Elaine Campbell

This past weekend was the American Whitewater Deerfield River Fest.  There was a great turn out on the river and at the festival site.  The Wave Sport booth had lots of people coming over to check out the new freestyle boat the Mobius.  It was awesome to see so many people excited about the Mobius, Recons and the Ethos.  I had a bunch of people come over to me and tell how much they love the Recon.  I’m so glad I was able to be there and represent Wave Sport on my home turf.   

I raced the Wave Sport Ethos nine in the Lozer Cup and was able to keep the boat at hull speed most of the race.  This was a big race since it was the fest weekend and lots of Lozers competed. I think there were 24 racers and most racers were in green boats, speeders, and wavehoppers.   The Ethos is fast for 9 feet and tracked really well.  It’s really a fun river runner that’s fast, easy to maneuver, stable,easy to roll, and forgiving.  It’s a sweet boat for touring and whitewater.  I’m impressed with how well it performs in the flats with the skeg down and in whitewater.  It’s hard to find a boat that’s good at both and the Ethos is for sure.      

The New England Triple Crown is this weekend in CT.  It’s probably one of my favorite events to compete in since it’s a wildwater race, slalom, and freestyle combined.   The next Lozer Cup is August 4th and I can’t wait! 

Here’s some photos from the AW Deerfield River Fest and a video of the Wave Sport Ethos.

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/rf/P7130001.JPG


tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/rf/1002117_10152453482380752_266418950_n.jpg

Start of the Lozer Cup race with me bashing into Ryan.

Photo: Mark Trahan

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/rf/P7130005.JPG

Look at all those Wave Sport boats!

tl_files/zoar/images/blog/Team Z/elaine/rf/P7130007.JPG





Till next time,

Elaine Campbell


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