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Colorado and the Big First Weekend of the Summer

By Cassie Hayden

With a brilliant weekend of instruction and
some entertaining times in Shelburne it was time to head out to
Colorado for the Teva Games in Vail and to see what Homesteak Creek had
in store for us this year. I came out here last year for the first time
to race and definitely had a great time so it was time to repeat the

As usual my planning of this trip had been somewhat lax and with a
couple of quick phone calls and a last minute flight bookings it was
time to head. Thanks to Mike, Amber and Ashley for carting me to Logan
at the last minute. Magically, Eugene and Andrew actually managed to
make it to Denver in time to pick me up at Midnight after having left
Idaho that morning and things were looking good.

Arriving late at night was not helpful for finding a decent bite to
eat but after almost 9 hours even a Whopper will suffice. Memorial day
saw the Bolder Boulder Run and a fly-by for and a huge stadium full of
very fit people that had just gone for a 10K jog. A friend of mine,
Kira, and her sister Lilly were there for the run. No slouch, Lilly
managed 134 out of 20,000. After a short detour through downtown
Boulder thanks to Kira’s horrible sense of direction we managed to work
up to the steeps on Boulder Creek just out of town. Having not met up
with My boat yet I was in a play boat for this short and steep creek
run that was going to put us in close quarters with a few trees and
some great tight drops. That said the Super Star actually works quite
well for creeking.

Some late night Frisbee action saw one of the crew off to the
Hospital for 5 stitches above his eye. Now while I would never usually
claim something like this, it was my throw that forced him to quicly
turn straight into the pole. Classic home movie stuff right there.

Driving over the hills the next day was great as in the valleys it
was raining steadily, as you climbed it slowly turned to sleet then
snow. With Homesteak being at almost 9000 feet the first few runs we
freaking freezing but well worth the effort of dragging the boat up the
hill. Several runs we taken and the lines we pretty much the same as
last year with very similar water levels. The Creek race is tomorrow
and hopefully with one more run in the morning to ge the gear wet all
will go well. the field is strong but hopefully with some smooth lines
and a little luck things should go well.

We have video to follow but in the meantime I’m just heading off to bed.

Over and Out from day one of the Teva Mountain Games.


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