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Chubby Wave Great Falls, MT

By 829 Dev

We left CO and headed to MT driving through Yellowstone National Park. We saw a bunch of Buffalo, Elk, and Mountain Goats. I really wanted to see a Grizzly Bear but glad we didn’t there was a man killed by one while we where there.

We got to Missoula where the Team Trials are being held and got some practice in on Brennan’s Wave. Our buddy Craig called us up on Friday night and told us about this sweet wave in Great Falls, MT on the Missouri River. We packed the rig up Saturday morning with all our gear plus Haley, Erin, and Eric. We took the scenic route to Great Falls which was big mountains and grassy fields. We met up with Craig in the parking area and walked down to the wave and was immediately like OMG it’s freaking amazing! We paddled for a few hours and I had the best time! It was nice to get away from the whole comp scene for a day and just paddle.

It’s a newly found wave and don’t think it has a name yet so we called it the Chubby Wave because on the way to the wave there’s a place to eat called Chubby’s hot dogs and burgers . After we paddled we went to Chubby’s and just devoured a bunch of food.

Here’s a video!

Team Trials in 2 days!

Take Care,

Elaine Campbell


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