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By Cassie Hayden

Hey Everyone,

Every winter I have been stuck inside a school doing math and XC
skiing to stay in shape for paddling. This year is different. I have
been accepted into the New River Academy for the duration of my high
school career or in other words the next five months.

I fly out of Bradley Airport on 1/28/07 to Charlotte NC and meet up
with the rest of the kids and adults who are going to be a part of the
semester. We then collectively fly to Miami FL and from there to Chile.
While in Chile I will be traveling around to various rivers including
the Futaleufu which fellow teammate Fergus is working on at the moment.
After Chile we skip over to Argentina for a couple weeks and then we
fly home.

Second semester is almost as cool as the first! We will be meeting
at the NRA’s home base in WV and traveling along the eastern seaboard
and until we reach the Ottawa River. This is going to be our stopping
place to watch the World Championships of Freestyle Kayaking on the
world famous Buseater wave!!! We then make out way down to WV once more
and conclude our semester paddling on the New River Dries.

I’ll be in touch whenever I get a chance so keep an eye out for new updates.
Paddle Hard,



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