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Buena Vista Pro Rodeo

By 829 Dev

I picked up Taylor Cote at the Grand Junction Airport and we headed to Buena Vista. The Arkansas River was low when we got there and paddled in the top hole for a couple of days. As the level came up the top hole got pretty sticky and the 4 other features started to come in. All the features there are really fun especially the new wave they built. The comp was held in the new feature. It was a steep and fast wave with 2 shoulders. The surfers right shoulder was more dynamic so left moves went really well.

Paddle Fest was also going on the same weekend of the BV Rodeo. A lot of paddlers and spectators showed up for the weekend. Lots of boats where demoed and sold. Free clinics where held all weekend for all ability levels. The water was high so most of the clinics where held on the pond.

The competition started on Friday and there where 8 women and two junior women. The wave was pretty sweet for the comp lots of air blunts, air screws, and pan-ams where thrown.

I made it into finals which where held on Saturday. The wave was even better for finals bigger and faster. My first ride clinched me fourth so my third ride I just threw down. I hit a left blunt then went for a helix, mcnasty, flip turn, and donkey flip then flushed. Only two moves got scored but is was so fun just going for it. I knew to podium I would have to have a big ride. Emily came in 1st, Ruth 2nd and Tanya 3rd. I came in fourth (again). Taylor came in 1st and Hannah 2nd for the juniors.

BV is a sweet play park and should be on your list to hit up. You should also plan on making it to the Paddle Fest if you are in CO.

The Teva Mountain Games just ended and I’ll have an update from there soon.

 Enjoy the video from the BV competition!

Till next time,

Elaine Campbell



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